Tracy Karp


Mr. Karp is currently the Chief of advance practice clinicians, Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital; Salt Lake City. He has held this role for the past three years. Prior to this role, he was the manager of the neonatal nurse practitioner service at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City for 26 year years.

His clinical practice began in 1992 as a staff neonatal nurse practitioner again at Primary Children’s Hospital. He continues to have an active clinical practice. Mr. KARP has also been an adjunct clinical instructor (voluntary) for the University of Utah College Of Nursing since 1982. His area of leadership interests are advanced practice role and program development, and neonatology.

Mr. Karp has been involved in various research projects throughout his career. His Master thesis focused on the investigation into feeding tolerance for the very low birth weight infants. He has participated in various roles in various projects including evaluation of the approach to gastroschisis repair, investigations into intra-abdominal pressure measurements in newborns, the effect of occupational therapy on the outcome of high risk infants, and feeding progression in infants residing in a level to be special care nursery.

Mr. Karp contributed to numerous publications including articles, chapters, and abstracts. During his career he published contributed to articles on Neonatal glucose determination; development of a program for neonatal intensive care units managed by neonatal nurse practitioners. He was the lead author on chapters dealing with the management of neurosurgical problems in neonates and high-frequency ventilation.

Mr. Karp has given numerous academic presentations locally, nationally and internationally. Topics have been varied with a focus on neonatal care. Some include presentations on neonatal nurse practitioner manpower Neonatal informatics neonatal nurse saying a PRN practice options credentialing of nurse practitioners and the development of the neonatal nurse practitioner roll and presentations in New Zealand as well as in England and numerous clinical topics

Mr. Karp obtained his academic training at the bachelor of science level from Boston University with a degree in nursing in 1978. He then went on to obtain a master’s degree in 1982 in the area perinatal nursing at the University of Utah. This is where he obtained his nurse practitioner training. Mr. Karp has been certified as a neonatal nurse practitioner by the national certification corporation since 1989.

Mr. Karp has been a member of numerous professional associations. He was a founding member of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) as well as a charter member of the National Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners. He held numerous officer positions in NANN including President. He is also a member of Sigma Theta Tau, the American Academy of Pediatrics District VIII section on perinatal pediatrics, the Academy of Neonatal Nursing, the AAP section on computers and technology, the American Nurses Association (affiliate e-member), the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), and most recently Advanced Practice Provider Executives (APPex).

Mr. Karp’s outside interests and hobbies include travel, camping, skiing, spending time with his three Bassett hounds, and enjoying his grandson, wife, daughters and other family members.

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