The Directory & Discussion sections provide two great ways to interact with APP executives, administrators, APRNs & PAs, and other healthcare leaders who are members of APPex. Privacy and confidentiality are safeguarded within the community.


An online compendium containing an index of all APPex members. Professional profile information is available–title, role, credentials, organization, email, phone–to facilitate networking, connectivity and partnership. The directory is searchable by name, organization, role, and membership type.

This section is exclusively for APPex members.


An online forum hosting a wide variety of topics relating to advanced practice where posts/threads can be used to ask questions, exchange knowledge, offer advice or suggestions, exhibit examples and more. Members can browse existing topics and reply or request a new topic be added. Particular discussions can also be followed; users are notified via email when there are new replies to a discussion.

This section is exclusively for APPex members.

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