May 08, 2020

Advanced Practice Provider Executives, Inc./APPex


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Advanced Practice Provider Executives (APPex) fellowship

The Advanced Practice Provider Executives (APPex) fellowship in advanced practice leadership & administration is the first structured training and mentorship program for APRN/PA administrators seeking additional knowledge, skills, and expertly guided experience related to all aspects of advanced practice leadership & management. The fellowship is tailored for APRN/PA leaders who oversee, manage, and have responsibility for advanced practice operations, logistics, practice, policy, and staff.

Conceptualized in 2016 and launched in late 2017, the fellowship in advanced practice leadership & administration provides additional structured learning and mentorship in advanced practice management (rather than in a medical or surgical specialty that would be common in other post-graduate residency/fellowship programs). Selected leadership fellows will be partnered with a member of APPex’s Board of Advisors, experts and thought leaders with considerable experience as advanced practice executives, who will serve as their mentor. Through remote contact (via conference calls) and optional onsite visits, they will be introduced to the advanced practice leadership competencies, the community of other advanced practice executives, and resources for continuing education in leadership skills. Together, they will explore the leadership fellow’s challenges and goals, and determine a performance improvement project relevant to APPs at his/her organization or applicable to a professional association. At the conclusion of their fellowship, leadership fellows will offer a presentation of their work at APPex’s annual conference. The overall purpose of the fellowship program is to provide participants robust exposure to and counsel with key advanced practice executives, along with access to advanced practice resources that will help expedite knowledge and understanding of all things related to APPs. Often, such training and experience through a tailored fellowship program affords new or expanded career opportunities.