Author: Baldisseri, M.

Care Activities and Outcomes of Patients Cared for by Acute Care Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Resident Physicians: A Comparison

Background: Little information is available on the practice of acute care nurse practitioners and physician assistants in acute care settings. Objectives: To compare the care activities performed by acute care nurse practitioners and physician assistants and the outcomes of their patients with the care activities and patients’ outcomes of resident physicians. Methods: Sixteen acute care […]

Current Questions with Regard to Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Preparation and Role Implementation

The role of the acute care nurse practitioner is being implemented in acute and tertiary care settings. As the role evolves, questions arise. Some of these questions relate to: 1) whether a need for the role has been clearly established; 2) whether the scope of acute care nurse practitioner practice has been identified distinctly; 3) […]