Author: Breslin, E.

Structure and Process of Outcomes Research for Nurse Practitioners

Purpose: To present a framework for nurse practitioners (NPs) who wish to engage in outcomes research. Data source: Review of scientific literature on the design of outcomes research. Conclusion: The structure and process of outcomes research includes both the research protocol and the decisions related to designing and implementing a study. Each identified step of […]

Outcomes Research: Contemporary Issues and Historical Significance for Nurse Practitioners

Outcomes research is not new to the discipline of nursing. However, the driving forces of today’s health care environment are resulting in increased emphasis on the study of outcomes. This article presents an overview of the scope of outcomes research, including a historical perspective and contemporary issues. Outcomes research provides an opportunity to demonstrate the […]

Challenges of Outcomes Research for Nurse Practitioners

Purpose: To describe the numerous methodological challenges nurse practitioners (NPs) face in designing and conducting outcomes research and provide practical tips to implement an outcomes study within an institution. Data sources: Review of world wide scientific literature on outcomes research. Conclusions: Nurse practitioners must be aware of the challenges of conducting outcomes research. Challenges associated with variable definition, […]