Author: Connelly, J.

The Outcomes and Service Impact of a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Training Program–Nurse Practitioner Training Outcomes

Seventy-three graduates of a pediatric nurse practitioner program were followed 6-30 months after training, with employment fairly equally divided between agency and private practice settings. Pediatric time released by nurse practitioner was used to handle more visits to devote more time to selected patients. Quality of care under either circumstance was considered good.

Nonphysician Health Care Providers in Pediatrics

This paper has identified nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and, potentially, nurse-midwives, as nonphysician health care providers who might have a significant impact on physician manpower requirements in pediatrics in the United States. These providers are capable of providing well child care, as well as care for minor illnesses. Patient acceptance and the quality of care […]

Physician Extenders and the Cost of Medical Care, January 1979

The existing evidence does not support increasing the number of physician extenders as a reliable cost-containing measure. More research is needed on the conditions under which they can limit costs and those under which they may increase costs. There may be other reasons for use of physician extenders, however, such as to maintain existing levels […]