Author: Elliott, N.

Factors Influencing Advanced Practitioners’ Ability to Enact Leadership: A Case Study within Irish Healthcare

Aim: To report the factors that influence clinical specialists’ and advanced nurse practitioners’ ability to enact their clinical and professional leadership roles; findings from the SCAPE study. Background: The importance of leadership for specialist and advanced practitioners is highlighted in the international literature and is considered an important factor in the provision of improved patient […]

The Development of Leadership Outcome-Indicators Evaluating the Contribution of Clinical Specialists and Advanced Practitioners to Health Care: A Secondary Analysis

Aims: To report a secondary analysis of data collected from the case study phase of a national study of advanced practitioners and to develop leadership outcome-indicators appropriate for advanced practitioners. Background: In many countries, advanced practitioners in nursing and midwifery have responsibility as leaders for health care development, but without having leadership outcome measures available […]

The Identification of Clinical and Professional Leadership Activities of Advanced Practitioners: Findings from the Specialist Clinical and Advanced Practitioner Evaluation Study in Ireland

Aim: To report a case study that identifies how leadership is enacted by advanced practitioners in nursing and midwifery and differentiates between clinical and professional leadership in advanced practice. Background: A national evaluation of advanced practitioners in nursing and midwifery was commissioned to inform policy makers’ decision-making about future developments in Ireland. Leadership is a […]