Author: Gonzalez-Colaso, R.

Tales from the Trenches: Physician Assistants’ Perspectives about Precepting Students

Purpose: A national survey of physician assistants (PAs) found that only 25% of respondents were involved as preceptors for PA students in 2011, and it also identified important barriers and incentives to precept PA students. These findings offer limited information for understanding the nature of this complex phenomenon within its context. The purpose of this […]

To Teach or Not to Teach: 2011 National Survey of Physician Assistants and Preceptor Experiences

Purpose: The availability of clinical preceptors is essential for education and workforce planning. The purpose of this study is to describe the proportion and the characteristics of physician assistants (PAs) involved as preceptors. It also aims to identify the most important incentives and barriers for PAs to precept students. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted […]