Author: Hanson, C.

Are Regulations more Consumer-Friendly when Boards of Nursing are the Sole Regulators of Nurse Practitioners?

The widely varied regulations in the 50 states often limit consumer access to nurse practitioners (NPs). In 22 states, the Board of Nursing (BON) must share NP regulatory authority with another profession, usually physicians. This study examines the relationship between the BON as the sole authority regulating NPs or sharing that authority with another profession […]

Faculty Mentorship: Support for Nurse Practitioner Students and Staff within the Rural Community Health Setting


Attaining Role Confirmation in Nurse Practitioner Practice

Although nurse practitioners (NPs) as a collective group have reached the stage of role confirmation, in new settings they must transition through several phases of role development. The role confirmation issues for a team of NPs who were hired to work in a large academic teaching hospital in the Southeastern part of the United States […]