Author: Jeanmonod, R.

Comparison of Resident and Mid-Level Provider Productivity in a High-Acuity Emergency Department Setting

Introduction: Mid-level providers (MLPs) are used in many emergency departments (EDs) to provide care in a low-acuity, high-volume setting, and are able to see more patients and generate more relative value units (RVUs) than residents in this setting. It is unknown if MLPs are as productive as emergency medicine residents in a high-acuity setting. Objective: […]

Physician Assistants Contribution to Emergency Department Productivity

Introduction The objective of this report is to determine physician assistant (PA) productivity in an academic emergency department (ED) and to determine whether shift length or department census impact productivity. Methods A retrospective chart review was conducted at a tertiary ED during June and July of 2007. Productivity was calculated as the mean number of […]