Author: Melby, V.

The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: Challenging Existing Boundaries of Emergency Nurses in the United Kingdom

Aim. This study explored the opinions of nurses and doctors working in emergency departments towards the development of the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner service in the United Kingdom. Background. Studies carried out in the United States and Canada suggest that the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner can have a positive impact on the critically ill or […]

Emergency Nurse Practitioners: The Views of Patients and Hospital Staff at a Major Acute Trust in the UK

Aim. The study reported in this paper aimed at exploring the views of staff and patients of a potential emergency nurse practitioner service in an acute trust in the UK. Background. The role of the nurse in emergency care has changed considerably in recent years, and the evolution of the emergency nurse practitioner role has […]

Developing an Advanced Nurse Practitioner Service in Emergency Care: Attitudes of Nurses and Doctors

Aim: This paper reports a study to determine the attitudes of nurses, doctors and general medical practitioners towards the development of an advanced nurse practitioner service within an emergency department. Background: The role of advanced nurse practitioner in emergency care has emerged in a number of countries, and has brought with it confusion about titles, […]