Author: Muma, R.

Perceptions of U.S. Physicians Regarding the Entry-Level Doctoral Degree in Physician Assistant Education

Minimal research has been done to determine the appropriateness of entry-level doctoral physician assistant (PA) education. Previously, only PAs, PA faculty, and a small number of PA program medical directors had been surveyed about their perceptions of the Doctorate of Physician Assistant (DPA), and none of these groups supported the DPA as the entry-level degree. […]

Examining Attitudes of Specialist Physicians regarding Physician Assistant Referrals

Referral of a patient from a primary care provider to a referral specialist physician for consultation is an important link in the continuum of patient care. Although the relationship between the physician assistant (PA) and supervising physician has been studied extensively, the effectiveness of the relationship between the primary care PA and the referral specialist […]