Author: Sawatzky, J.

Exploring Outcomes of a Nurse Practitioner-Managed Cardiac Surgery Follow-Up Intervention: A Randomized Trial

Aims: To describe and compare the outcomes of a nurse practitioner-managed cardiac surgery follow-up model of care with the standard model of primary care provider follow-up for coronary artery bypass graft surgery patients. Background: Advances in healthcare have had a favourable impact on length of stay following cardiac surgery; however, the shorter length of stay […]

Transitioning into the Nurse Practitioner Role through Mentorship

Transitioning into the nurse practitioner (NP) role is stressful. The stress arises from both internal or personal and external or organizational and professional sources. The novice NP may have a sense of inadequacy and lack of confidence in the ability to provide optimal patient care. The organizational expectations to be clinically competent and able to […]