Author: Skay, C.

Effects of a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner on Process and Outcome of Nursing Home Care

We compared measures of quality of care and health services utilization in 30 nursing homes employing geriatric nurse practitioners with those in 30 matched control homes. Information for this analysis came from reviews of samples of patient records drawn at comparable periods before and after the geriatric NPs were employed. The measures of geriatric nurse […]

Impact of Geriatric Nurse Practitioners on Nursing-Home Residents’ Functional Status, Satisfaction, and Discharge Outcomes.

This study evaluated the impact of geriatric nurse practitioners (GNP) employed by nursing homes on quality of patient care and residents’ outcomes during a 12-month study period. Quality of care was assessed in standardized interviews of 525 residents in five nursing homes with GNPs and 323 residents in five other nursing homes without GNPs. Each […]