Author: Stasa, H.

Advancing Advanced Practice – Clarifying the Conceptual Confusion

Background: In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of nurses holding advanced prac- tice nursing positions. However, the lack of clarity regarding key terms such as ‘advanced practice nursing’, ‘advanced nursing practice’, ‘scope of practice’ and ‘extended practice’, and international variability in how these terms are used has created significant […]

Deriving Consensus on the Characteristics of Advanced Practice Nursing: Meta-Summary of more than 2 Decades of Research

Background: Over recent decades, there has been considerable research and debate about essential features of advanced nursing practice and differences among various categories of advanced practice nurses. Objectives: This study aimed to derive an integrative description of the defining characteristics of advanced practice nursing through a meta-summary of the existing literature. Methods: A three-phase approach […]

The Role and Functions of Clinical Nurse Consultants, an Australian Advanced Practice Role: A Descriptive Exploratory Cohort Study

Background: The NSW Health Policy Directive (NSW Department of Health, 2000) lists clinical service and consultancy; clinical leadership; research; education; clinical services planning and management as the five domains of practice for nurses appointed as Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNCs), an Australian advanced practice nurse (APN) role. However, there is no clear definition of what is meant […]