“Orientation” literally means being turned toward the east—getting basic information that tells you where you are and how to get where you want to go.  Orientation to a new job should give a staff member core background about the organization: its mission, organizational philosophy, organizational structure, methods and logistics, people, supervision, policies & procedures and ultimately, its culture.  It’s a planned informational and experiential introduction aimed at giving new employees the foundation they need to do their jobs and to integrate themselves into the institution as easily and smoothly as possible.

All hospitals and healthcare organizations have some kind of general orientation that takes place before the employee starts, typically lasting 1-2 days.  New Registered Nurses (RNs) to the institution subsequently attend nursing orientation, more clinically focused with equipment training, instruction on more detailed policies, procedures and protocols, and occasionally additional didactic/classroom training in physiological systems and disease states.  Nursing orientation programs can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.  Very few organizations, however, have a formal orientation for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs): PAs, NPs, CNMs, CRNAs, CNSs.

Having a well-designed advanced practice orientation program in place carries considerable benefits when APPs are acclimated to the new environment and are taught how to effectively navigate its complex systems: immediate and improved APP efficiency and productivity, higher APP satisfaction, better APP retention, reduced stress and frustration, and exposure to (and more appropriate use of) advanced practice resources and opportunities.


APPex can assist individuals and organizations in building and improving successful orientation programs for APPs.  We can help establish, assemble and organize historical advanced practice data and conduct statistical analyses, highlight important components of advanced practice policies and procedures, how advanced practice integrates within medical staff systems and committees, how advanced practice integrates within nursing systems, key state and federal regulations and laws pertaining to advanced practice, information on local and regional APP groups, resources and networking opportunities, how to enhance APP connectivity and communication, team-based interviewing and credentialing, constructing survey and feedback data, holding 30- and 90-day check-ins to assess new APP progression and competency, etc.

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