May 31, 2020

Association of Physician Assistants in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery


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The volunteer leadership of the APACVS works tirelessly to develop annual educational conferences in order to continually provide opportunities for clinicians to enhance their clinical knowledge and skills. In addition to working with cardiac and thoracic surgery patients in the operative suite, our members are increasingly being called on to fill a critical care intensivist role in our hospitals. In response to this need, focus has expanded to become a source for critical care education. In addition to traditional lectures, members have showed an ongoing enthusiasm for hands-on invasive skills courses with an opportunity to receive training in Invasive Procedures, Sternal Closure, ECMO Management, Thoracoscopic and Robotic First Assisting, Bedside Ultrasound. The CME committee has also partnered with the Society of Critical Care Medicine and CSU-ALS North America to provide an opportunity for PAs to participate in the Fundamentals of Critical Care Support course and the Cardiac Surgical Unit Advanced Life Support Course (CSU-ALS) at conferences.

The association has provided an opportunity for members to network with their colleagues across the country. This has enabled PAs to find employment opportunities, become educators, and learn to use their skills in industry.

The APACVS has also provided an avenue for organizational leadership development. Without the volunteer leaders it would be impossible to continue to develop the quality programs and services that their talents enable us to provide. The APACVS have partnered with Getinge Group to develop a Leadership Fellow program that enables future leaders in the field to learn about the association, develop projects to further APACVS goals, and receive direct mentorship from the Past President. Many of these fellows go on to elected leadership roles in the association. Many of the members have gone on to become leaders in their surgical department, hospital systems, and in industry.

The APACVS is focused on supporting PAs who are overcoming barriers to practice. The APACVS has been called on to advise PAs working with credentialing committees in their hospitals so that they can work to the fullest extent of their training. The association continues to work on various legislative efforts to overcome barriers to PA practice. The association is proud to partner with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, the American Association of Thoracic Surgeons, and the American Academy of Physician Assistants in order to continue to advocate for members.

The APACVS continues the mission of supporting our members towards the goal of providing excellent care for patients, strong support for surgical teams, and a dependable workforce for hospitals. The APACVS continue to adapt to the needs of the team as the healthcare environment changes over time. Members can be proud of their service to their communities by providing flexible and cost effective care.