This comprehensive program consists of 25 modules + 2 bonus modules (on average, 50 minutes each), delivered by advanced practice administrators & leaders, preceptoring leaders, and, other clinical and non-clinical subject matter experts. The program is designed to be taken in sequence. Modules are easily accessible online and can be done at the learner’s pace. The content is certified for CE/CME and the entire program offers 27 total credit hours.

The vast majority of healthcare organizations and academic institutions provide little to no training for their advanced practice preceptors. For those that do, such training is limited to a few hours, 1-2 times annually, and centered around logistics, paperwork, checklists, and timelines rather than the fundamental purpose preceptoring: effectively imparting knowledge, teaching methodologies, learning principles, understanding, adaptability, and critical thinking skills. The Advanced Practice Preceptor Training Program was thoughtfully designed and developed as a solution to this gap in training.

Advanced Practice Preceptor Training Program materials include professionally edited presentation videos, slide decks, and speaker biographies. The entire program is available for $649.95. Modules may be purchased individually ($29.95). Corporate licensing is also available with volume-based discounts.

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