Mike LaLonde

Marketing & Advertising

Mike LaLonde is a Digital Marketing Consultant at LDM, a boutique digital marketing firm that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses grow through the use of paid and organic search, social media, performance testing, and web analytics insights. Running his own online businesses and websites from a young age, Mike added a BA in Economics and an MBA focusing in Marketing and Finance at Rochester Institute of Technology before focusing on digital marketing and analytics. He has served as a consultant for multiple agencies, startups, and nonprofits across many industries, including the health and wellness industry. Mike founded LDM in Rochester, NY, but has operated remotely for over the past five years. He currently resides in Tallinn, Estonia, focusing most of his time helping a financial startup penetrate the U.S. market.

Mike is interested in making digital expertise more accessible and affordable for small businesses and non-profits. Using efficient tools and providing resources, he helps these smaller teams maximize impact on their digital campaigns and presences without the costs associated with retaining full-service agencies. Through these efforts, Mike can be a continuous resource for non-profits like APPex, helping extend the research of their messaging and making a positive impact on health, medical, and educational fields.

Since taking his agency remote in 2014, travel has been a major part of Mike’s life. He has hiked and scuba dived his way through over 50 countries, typically spending a few weeks to a few months in each place. He is happiest with views of mountains on one side and water on the other.