Board of Directors

Nicholas M. Perrino
President & CEO; Principle Consultant; Co-Founder

The president ensures the effective action of the Board in governing and supporting the organization, oversees Board affairs, acts as the representative of the Board as a whole, speaks to the media and the community on behalf of the organization, develops agendas for meetings, presides at Board meetings, recommends to the Board which committees are to be established, identifies committee recommendations that should be presented to the full Board and ensures that Board matters are handled properly.

Lori Hull-Grommesh
Vice President

The vice president acts as the president in his absence, assists the president on the above or other specified duties. Additionally, the vice president is frequently assigned to special areas of responsibility, such as membership, conferences, consulting, etc.


The treasurer manages the Board’s review of, and action related to, the Board’s financial responsibilities, develops and implements financial procedures and systems, ensures that appropriate financial reports are made available, regularly reports to board on key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health, and ensures sound management and maximization of cash and investments.

Linh Dang

The secretary maintains records of the Board and ensures effective management of organization’s records, manages and records minutes of board meetings, is sufficiently familiar with legal documents (e.g., articles, by-laws, IRS letters) and notes applicability during meetings.


Brandon Amey
Senior Web Developer

Brandon Amey is a Full-Stack Web Developer at Ancre Digital, a digital agency that specializes in web and app development and digital marketing. After freelancing for several years and working as the CTO for a start-up in New York City, Brandon started a venture of his own and became the founder of Ancre Digital in […]

Katie Fredericks
Database Manager, Literature

Katie Fredericks manages the literature database for APPex, updating and entering academic research articles related to advanced practice administration and management, along with other published works relevant to advanced practice leaders. She also currently works as a NICU nurse at a local hospital in Washington, D.C. She has previously worked as a travel nurse in the NICU […]

Sarah Gabua
Director, Continuing Education & Nurse Planner

Sarah Gabua is the Director of Continuing Education & Nurse Planner for APPex. In this role she manages the operations & logistics for all virtual/online conferences and events. She also coordinates and serves as a liaison with partner/co-hosting hospitals, healthcare organizations, and professional membership groups. She is also a Program Director of the RN to […]

Ida Kroell
Director, Event Planning & Coordination

Ida Kroell is the Director of Event Planning & Coordination for Advanced Practice Provider Executives, Inc. (APPex). After being the Congress and Communications Manager at a well-renown, international company in Denmark in 2014, Ida immediately founded the global Event Planning and Production Company, IMK (previously known as EVENTLAND), based in New York. Today, she is […]

Mike LaLonde
Marketing & Advertising

Mike LaLonde is a Digital Marketing Consultant at LDM, a boutique digital marketing firm that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses grow through the use of paid and organic search, social media, performance testing, and web analytics insights. Running his own online businesses and websites from a young age, Mike added a BA in […]

Tara McNuly
Director, Database Management

Tara McNuly is the Director of the APPex website databases, inclusive of Literature, Documents, Post-Graduate Residencies/Fellowships, Job Recruiters, and Professional Organizations. Her journey through a variety of creative industries has created a career path that began as a graphic designer and evolved into her current role as a Digital Marketing Consultant. She has a range of […]

Irene Oquendo
Program Coordinator

Irene Oquendo is the Program Coordinator at APPex. She also serves as the Data Manager for Bridges DBA, another 501(c)3 organization in La Canada, California. Her prior role was Assistant to the Development Director at The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command. Irene’s main focus is working with not-for-profit organizations, particularly with data management and understanding […]

Lauren Phillips
Director, Social Media & Content

Lauren Phillips is the Director of Social Media & Content for APPex. She enjoys fostering the growth of this community and supporting advanced practice leaders and other healthcare executives through social media and our blog. She is also an independent Nurse Consultant, working with companies across the globe to improve healthcare. As a registered nurse, […]

Sandi Scroggins
Database Manager, Professional Organizations

Sandi Scroggins is a freelance database consultant who specializes in database management and structure for small non-profit organizations. Her responsibilities include researching, editing, updating, and adding relevant professional organizations to the APPex website database, with up-to-date and accurate information and content. Sandi holds a BA in Business Management with an emphasis on applied management. She […]