To provide and create invaluable administrative and clinical resources, continuing education, opportunities and other rich content for: Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), PAs, NPs, CNMs, CRNAs and CNSs and the healthcare leaders and executives who support their practice.
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Continuing Medical Education (CME credit)
Continuing Education
Live Courses
Explore a library of continuing medical/nursing education videos tailored specifically around the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) roles.
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Online Courses
Continuing Education (CE credit)
Nurse Practitioners 
Nurse Midwives
Consulting uniquely positioned to offer healthcare organizations expertise around the administrative infrastructure and operational framework that incorporates and serves
Nurse Anesthetists 
Physician Assistants
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)
The largest collection of local, state, national and international conferences relevant to Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)
APP Leadership Summit
National Conferences
International Conferences
Access and preview select research articles, academic publications, position papers, books and other printed resources surrounding the administrative and management aspects of advanced practice.
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