Contributions from pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, hospitals, healthcare executives, APPs, nurses and other leaders, clinicians and the public at-large are enormously important. As a non-profit company, they provide significant support for our operations and ambitious endeavors; revenues are used solely to support APPex as a professional organization and its mission of providing and creating invaluable resources for APPs.

The Health Law Section is the voice of the national health law bar within the American Bar Association (ABA). Its 10,600 strong members from across the United States represent clients in all segments of the health care industry, including physicians, hospitals and other institutional providers, teaching and research organizations, managed care organizations and other third-party payors, pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers. In addition, our members work in governmental health care programs, federal and state regulatory bodies and the academic community.

The Section has several publications geared toward providing its members with the information necessary to keep current with trends in health care law.

The Section’s highly regarded newsletter, The Health Lawyer, is published six times a year. With topics ranging from proposed rule changes to effects of technology on health law, analyses of legislation, and mergers, The Health Lawyer is one of the most valued benefits of membership.

The Section has four very successful books: Health Care Fraud & Abuse: Practical Perspectives (Second Edition), E-Health Business and Transactional Law, Managed Care Litigation, and Pharmaceutical Law: Regulations of Research, Development, and Marketing. All four are published with BNA, Inc. In addition, the Section has established a Practical Guide Series.

CLE Programs
Providing opportunities for networking, fast dissemination of information and discussion of cutting edge issues and in-depth analysis of trends in the industry is the goal of the Section’s programming. The Section uses several vehicles for programming.

The Section sponsors and co-sponsors live programming on a variety of topics. Issues ranging from the latest on PPACA, to health care antitrust, to mergers and acquisitions are explored in live programs. Opportunities for meeting with colleagues are important parts of all of our live programs.

Webinars are being used to get information on cutting-edge issues to our membership in the quickest turn-around time. Recently, the Section sponsored a basics teleconference series as well as teleconference on hot topics. This is a cost- and time-effective way to receive information.

Interest Groups
Business & Transactions, eHealth, Privacy & Security, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, Healthcare Facility Operations, Healthcare Fraud & Compliance, Healthcare Litigation & Risk Management, Life Sciences, Managed Care & Insurance, Payment & Reimbursement, Physician Issues, Public Health & Policy, Tax & Accounting

Doctors of Nursing Practice

Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc. is a corporation formed by a group of advanced practice nurses to enhance the profession and Doctor of Nursing Practice degree to improve health care outcomes.

The mission of Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc. is to improve health care outcomes by promoting and enhancing the doctorally-prepared nursing professional.

The organization is dedicated to: Providing accurate and timely information; Supporting, developing and disseminating professional practice innovation; Collaborating in a professional manner that demonstrates universal respect for others, honesty and integrity in communications; Responding with open discussions and dialogues that promote the evolution of advanced nursing practice and the growth of the DNP degree.

OUTCOMES The DNP monthly e-Newsletter, Doctoral Practice Project Repository, University DNP Program List, Events/Conferences, DNP Faculty Information and Resources, Valuable links, Grants and Scholarships, Annual DNP National Conference, Career Opportunities, Advertising Opportunities

The NNPRFTC (The Consortium) is a private, nonprofit entity created to advance the model and rigor of postgraduate NP training programs, both residency and fellowship. The organization emerged from an informal consortium of early innovators and developers of the postgraduate model of residency and fellowship training for new NPs, first in primary care and then in specialty care as well.

Our goal is twofold: increasing opportunities for new NPs and NPs who are changing specialty areas to participate in high quality postgraduate training programs, and ensuring that such programs adhere to rigorous standards. This will ultimately provide NPs who complete such programs with the confidence, competence, and mastery that affords them the highest level of professional satisfaction in their chosen practice area. By doing this, the NNPRFTC will make a significant contribution to the profession of nursing, and to the health and health care of the public.

Emergency Nurses Association