April 18, 2023

APPex Formally Launches its Blog

Advanced Practice Provider Executives, Inc. (APPex)

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We are thrilled to formally announce the launch of our blog!

Every week, we will author and publish a new article on a topic relevant to our community and network of advanced practice executives, administrators, managers, and leaders. These will include both general healthcare management & leadership topics important to APRN & PA leaders, as well as more specific articles directly related to the roles and work of advanced practice executives & administrators. Our blog also features a section to share an article via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email if you’d like to pass it along to a colleague or promote it on one of your own social media sites. Within each article post, you can share your opinion, feedback, or provide additional information about the article in the comment section, and, you can dialogue or respond to other comments. We will also be posting on our social media sites each week when these articles are published to help engage as many in our network as possible and invite others new to APPex to participate as well.

Additionally, we invite those in the healthcare community (or other associated professions and disciplines) to contribute an article on any topic that may be valuable to advanced practice leaders. We offer a $50 coupon to those individuals who have articles selected for publication on our site.

For more details on becoming a contributor: www.APPexecutives.org/blog/contribute-a-blog-article

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