Blog FAQs

When did APPex start a blog?

APPex officially launched its blog January 2023.

What topics do blog posts (articles) address?

Blog posts (articles) address anything related to advanced practice (APRN & PA) administration and/or leadership.

What is the recommended length of a blog post (article)?

Blog posts (articles) are typically between 150 – 750 words (1/2 – 3 pages) in length.

How often are blog posts (articles) published?

APPex’s goal is to publish a new blog post (article) at least once a week.

How do I become a blog post (article) author/contributor?

Once you have an advanced practice administration/leadership article you would like to share with the community, ensure you have followed the Blog Submission Guidelines HERE and submit your article HERE.

What format or style should the blog post (article) be written?

Review the Blog Submission Guidelines HERE for article formatting and styling suggestions.

Are blog posts (articles) circulated beyond the APPex website?

Yes, all blog posts (articles) are also tagged on our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (+ various LinkedIn groups), eNP Network, and My PA Network.
Each blog post (article) also has social media sharing buttons to easily share on your personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. You may also copy the weblink (URL) and send information on the blog post (article) via email.

What are the benefits to being a blog post (article) author/contributor?

  • Selected authors/contributors receive recognition for their work as their name is published along with their article.

  • Selected authors/contributors also receive a $50 credit to use towards any purchase on the APPex website (e.g., membership, virtual event, annual conference (summit), etc.) as a token of appreciation for the time, effort, and expertise to compose and submit the article.

Can authors/contributors submit more than one blog post (article)?

Yes, there is no limit to how many blog posts (articles) an author/contributor can submit.