Monthly Conference FAQs

What is the thematic focus of monthly conferences?

The Advanced Practice Provider (APRN/PA) Monthly Conferences are geared towards a wide range of clinical topics for advanced practice providers, presented by advanced practice providers.

In addition to being online, unique to the monthly conferences is that each features a leading organization in advanced practice, showcasing speakers/presenters from that organization. Speaker/Presenters are predominantly nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), but also nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), nurse midwives (CNMs), and clinical nurse specialists (CNSs). Medical providers and clinicians from featured organizations will comprise 100% of the agenda. Each monthly conference’s agenda may include a broad range of clinical topics or be more focused and thematic.

Additionally, brochures from all previous monthly conferences detailing presentation titles, speakers, and their roles/organizations are archived in the PAST MONTHLY CONFERENCES section HERE.

How long are monthly conferences?

Monthly conferences are always a full day: eight (8) hours with 6.5 hours of certified content. They are scheduled monthly–in January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November–on the first Friday of the month from 10:00AM – 6:00PM ET online via Zoom.

Who should attend monthly conferences?

Anyone can attend.

The content is geared towards healthcare professionals–more specifically advanced practice providers (APRNs & PAs)–involved with any or all aspects of clinical practice and patient care. Presentations are prepared and delivered by subject matter experts who are advanced practice providers–predominantly nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs)–but also nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), nurse midwives (CNMs), and clinical nurse specialists (CNSs).

You do not have to be an APRN/PA, a fellow in APPex’s advanced practice leadership fellowship program, or in an executive, administrative, or managerial role to participate in monthly conferences.

How are featured organizations selected?

Featured organizations are leading institutions with regard to their advanced practice infrastructure, operations, utilization, and innovation around APPs. They may also include professional membership groups related to one or more of the advanced practice roles.

Organizations that are Centers of Excellence in Advanced Practice, corporate members of APPex, and/or can provide important, relevant, and engaging clinical topics delivered by advanced practice providers (APRNs & PAs) are strong candidates.

For more information about becoming a featured organization, visit our PARTNER/CO-HOST AN EVENT WITH APPex section HERE.

To submit interest for consideration to be a featured organization for a monthly conference, send an email to

Are any discounts available for monthly conference registration?

APPex members receive a discount: 5% for individual members and 10% for corporate members. You must be logged in for your membership discount to be applied. Group discounts are also available when three (3) or more registrants are from the same organization. Applicable discounts are reflected at checkout and on the receipt after purchase.

Staff from the featured organization of the monthly conference may register for only $15 (regularly $95, an 85% savings).

Is there a discount available for students registering for a monthly conference?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, no discount is available for students.

Are group rates for monthly conference registration available to organizations?

Yes, group rates offering reduced registration fees are available to healthcare organizations and academic institutions with three (3) or more attendees. The reduced amount is dependent upon the total number of attendees:

3-6 attendees= $5 discount

7-10 attendees= $10 discount

10+ attendees= $15 discount

A representative of the organization and group should notify APPex after all group members have registered for the monthly conference by sending an email to

Reduced group rates are offered as a refund to the original form of payment and will be applied once registration for all members of the group has been confirmed.

*Note: Featured organizations are not eligible for a group rate as their registrations are already markedly discounted.

Is there an option for an organization to pay in a single transaction (credit/debit card or check) for a group of employees who will be attending?

Yes. APPex can process a single transaction for an organization’s group of attendees.
Once paid, APPex will provide a unique, customized code for the organization’s registrants to use at checkout where they can each individually register with a $0 cost (pre-paid by organization).

For additional information, send an email to

Is there a late fee applied to monthly conference registration after a certain date?

Yes. All monthly conference registrations within a week before the event automatically have a $25 late fee applied.

Is Continuing Education (CE)/Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit offered for monthly conferences?

Yes, CE/CME is awarded for monthly conference attendance. Each monthly conference has a total of 6.5 contact hours/credits.

APRN & RN CEs are certified through the California Board of Registered Nurse (CA BRN);

PA CMEs (Category 1) are certified through the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA).

When/How do attendees receive their CE/CME certificates?

At the conclusion of the monthly conference, attendees can access the evaluation by logging in and going to Profile > Continuing Education. Once completed, attendees automatically receive access to their certificate (also in Profile > Continuing Education). Certificates can be viewed, saved, downloaded, and printed anytime.

Attendees are encouraged to complete post-conference evaluations as soon as possible to promote accurate and thorough feedback. Evaluations become available starting on the day of the event and may only be completed once.

Can I get an additional/replacement certificate of completion?

For events beginning in March 2021, CE/CME certificates can always be accessed by logging in and going to Profile > Continuing Education.
For events prior to March 2021: yes, if you misplaced, lost, or require another certificate for any reason, you may order an additional copy for $20.

Purchase a replacement HERE.

What is the refund policy for the conference?

Registration for monthly conferences is final and non-refundable.

In certain unforeseen and/or extenuating circumstances, registrants may submit a request in writing no less than two (2) weeks prior to the start of a monthly conference. If approved, APPex may offer a refund—minus a $50 processing fee—or, a credit (50% of the paid registration fee(s)) towards a future monthly conference.

What payment options are available for monthly conferences?

Online registration and payment via credit/debit card is the preferred and most common method. Registration via mail that includes a completed registration form and check payment is also accepted.

Prospective attendees can register and pay HERE.

Are sponsorship opportunities available for monthly conferences?

Yes. For additional information, send an email to

Is there a call for abstracts for speakers/presenters?

No. While the annual conference (summit) does have a call for abstracts/proposals, the monthly conferences do not.

The featured organization each month proposes and supports the agenda, including all presentations and speaker/presenters.

For more information about becoming a featured organization, visit our PARTNER/CO-HOST AN EVENT WITH APPex section HERE.

To submit interest for consideration to be a featured organization for a monthly conference, send an email to

All interested presenters for the annual conference (summit) can find more information, along with the ability to submit an abstract, in the CALL FOR ABSTRACTS section HERE.

Is there an honorarium for speakers/presenters?

No. All speakers/presenters from the featured organization receive a discounted registration of only $15 (regularly $95, an 85% savings).

All speakers/presenters are required to register for the monthly conference.

Additionally, all employees of the featured organization for the monthly conference in which their organization is featured may register for only $15 (an $80 value).

Is information regarding previous monthly conferences available?

Yes. Agendas/Brochures from all previous monthly conferences are accessible in the PAST MONTHLY CONFERENCES section HERE.

Are conference materials (e.g., presentation videos, slide decks, speaker bios/photos) from monthly conferences available after the event?

Yes. Conference materials can be accessed in the PAST MONTHLY CONFERENCES section HERE.

Registrants/Attendees receive complimentary access to all conference materials from the event. Materials from each event are also available for purchase for those who had not originally registered and are eligible for CE/CME credit up to one (1) year after the event, after completion of the post-conference evaluation.

Conference materials include presentation videos, slide decks, and speaker bios/photos.