Fellows FAQs

What is a Fellow of APPex?

Fellows of APPex are APRN/PA leaders who have been selected based on their expertise, outstanding contributions as advanced practice executives, and their positive and progressive impact on advanced practice administration.

New Fellows are honored annually at the APPex national conference (September).

Once officially conferred status as a Fellow of APPex, honorees may use the FAPPex credential.

Who can apply to be a Fellow of APPex?

Any advanced practice provider (APRN/PA) who has served in a formal management position at the manager level or above for at least three (3) years, who is a current member of APPex, and who is sponsored by either an APPex Board member or APPex Fellow may apply.

What are the requirements to apply to be a Fellow of APPex?

Requirements can be found in the ABOUT section HERE.

How are Fellows of APPex selected?

The APPex Board thoroughly reviews all aspects of an applicant’s portfolio: advanced practice administrative role, organization, years of advanced practice management experience, letters of recommendation, and evidence of significant process improvement and contribution to advanced practice administration, both at their own organization(s) and beyond.

Selected applicants will have demonstrated strong and enduring advanced practice executive and administrative experience, along with substantial and marked contributions to APPex and the advanced practice community at large.

Is there a limit to how many Fellows of APPex are awarded annually?

No, there is no limit to the number of applicants awarded APPex’s honorary fellow status each year.

Is there a limit of how many times I can apply to be a Fellow of APPex?

Yes, those applying to be a Fellow of APPex are limited to a maximum of three (3) submissions.

Additionally, you must wait one (1) year before re-applying to be a Fellow of APPex.

Can I appeal a decision of the APPex Board if I am not selected as a Fellow of APPex?

No, determinations of the APPex Board are final.

If an applicant is not selected to become a Fellow of APPex, it is recommended they confer with their sponsor regarding any feedback and advice to bolster and improve their portfolio should they wish to apply again in the future.

If I am not selected as a Fellow of APPex, is there a waiting period before I may apply again?

Yes, you must wait one (1) year before applying to be a Fellow of APPex again.

Do I have to renew my status as a Fellow of APPex?

Yes, all Fellows of APPex are required to renew every three (3) years to maintain an active status as an honorary fellow in good standing.

What is the cost to becoming a Fellow of APPex?

The application fee is $250.

The renewal fee for current Fellows of APPex, due every three (3) years, is $150.

Fees can be paid at the bottom of the APPLICATION page HERE.