May 08, 2020

Boise VA Medical Center


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Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

The Boise VA Nurse Practitioner Residency Program is a twelve-month postgraduate primary care training program. The program offers the opportunity to strengthen clinical and scholarly skills as a primary care nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioner residents collaborate with internal medicine, pharmacy and psychology residents as members of an interdisciplinary team. Together, they attend didactics, work on a quality improvement project, and provide care for veterans using a patient centered approach.

With over thirty years of advances in postgraduate education, the Boise VA is well positioned to serve as a national Center of Education (CoE) for Interprofessional Collaboration. The CoE will implement and study new educational models on the larger context of health professions education, including collaboration between different professional schools and programs, cultural shifts in educational priorities, and educational and workforce outcomes.