May 08, 2020

Massachusetts General Hospital


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Critical Care Affiliate Practitioner Residency Program

We have specifically geared our program towards providing the physician assistant and acute care nurse practitioner with the academic and clinical experience needed to practice critical care medicine. Our staff at UMass Memorial is a devoted group of individuals with robust experiential backgrounds that give our residents a strong interdisciplinary foundation in critical care by working directly with them clinically and academically.

Our residents are immersed in a high energy, fast paced, and rewarding clinical situations that we have complemented by a strong academic program. We have also combined our efforts with the Interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation at the University of Massachusetts Medical School to provide simulated learning. Additionally we use a unique preceptoring program that tailors our training process to the needs of our residents allowing them to grow professionally and gain a superior level of expertise in their clinical skills.

Our goal is to ensure that our graduates are skillfully trained and exceedingly prepared for entering a career in critical care, having a knowledge base to support advanced clinical judgment, an understanding of decision-making in critical care and a humane approach to patient care based on compassion and mutual respect.