July 06, 2020

Northwell Health

Tara McNulty

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Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship

The Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS) track is an intense and highly focused education and training program that provides ACP’s the advanced knowledge and technical skills necessary to become outstanding clinicians in the dynamic and challenging field of Cardiothoracic Surgery. CTS ACP’s traditionally have intensive care unit and operating room training that allows them to function across all aspects of the service.  This will be the focus of our one-year program.

Eight months will be dedicated to the ICU where ACP’s will learn the fundamental knowledge needed to manage preoperative and postoperative CTS patients. Training will occur in a structured and mentored environment alongside multi-disciplinary teams of professionals.  ACP’s will be involved in all phases of patient care and management from admission to discharge, as well as subsequent at home follow-up.


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