May 08, 2020

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences in Arizona


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Nurse Practitioner Cardiology Fellowship

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences in Arizona offers a competitive Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Fellowship that accepts two fellows a year. Applicants with a strong interest in continuing a career in the cardiovascular field will be considered if they have graduated from an accredited nurse practitioner (NP) school and completed received national board certification. Potential candidates are reviewed and selected by an application and interview process.

The program provides mentored clinical experience in all aspects of adult cardiovascular disease management, including cardiovascular diagnostics, cardiac health and performance, interventional cardiology, vascular disease, electrophysiology, structural heart disease, advanced heart disease failure, cardiac transplantation, adult congenital heart disease, and cardiothoracic surgery. Rotations may occur in the inpatient or outpatient setting.

Upon completion of the fellowship, you will be more confident in your cardiovascular knowledge, for ease of transition into your future role as a nurse practitioner in cardiology.


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