July 21, 2020

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

Tara McNulty

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Cardiothoracic Critical Care/CTCC

Two postgraduate residency programs are available for PAs interested in Cardiothoracic Surgery. The two tracks include: Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTPA) & Cardiothoracic Critical Care (CTCC).

These residencies are offered by SJMH-AA in conjunction with IHA Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons. The program provides the graduate physician assistant with an opportunity to obtain advanced training in cardiothoracic surgery and critical care.

Each residency program is a 12-month didactic and clinical training program for licensed, board-certified PAs who wish to specialize in the management of cardiothoracic surgery patients. It expands upon the basic training of the PA in diagnosis and management of conditions common to cardiothoracic surgery patients. Each residency has a unique focus depending on the applicants’ interests.