May 08, 2020

Staten Island University


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PA Fellowship in Emergency Medicine

The core curriculum is patterned after the SIUH Emergency Medicine Physician Residency Program and follows the 2007 Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine. The Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship at SIUH will enhance the medical knowledge and clinical skills of PAs in the field of emergency medicine through various focused educational activities. EM PA fellows will receive 5 hours of didactic conferences each week, specialty procedure labs, emergency ultrasound training, emergency medicine research opportunities as well as ACLS, ATLS, and PALS certification.

The SIUH Emergency Department is committed to EM education. We have been training PAs as a major learning site for Wagner College’s PA Program for more than 10 years.Our core physician faculty is acutely aware of the skills required for a successful PA career in EM. The EM PA fellowship will mirror our nationally accredited EM physician residency program. Participating PA fellows will join our EM physician residents and will receive not only the highest educational standards but will receive the communication and team work skills to be motivated and knowledgeable EM PAs.


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