May 08, 2020

University of Miami Health System


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Hematology/Oncology Nurse Practitioner Fellow

The Hematology/Oncology Nurse Practitioner Fellow’s role at the University of Miami, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is aimed at providing specialized training in the management of hematological and oncological patients in a variety of settings to ensure optimal quality of care and gaining necessary skill sets to develop and strengthen proficiencies within the clinical setting while learning to collaborate within a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers. The fellowship offers training in the following tracks: 1) Hematology and Oncology 2) Adult Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy, and 3) Clinical Research.

The goal of the fellowship is to provide the advanced practice registered nurses with the opportunity to immerse into the specialty of hematology/oncology through a comprehensive overview of caring for oncology patients and their families. The NP fellow will gain expertise through training with clinical experts in the field.

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