July 21, 2020

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Tara McNulty

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Stem Cell Fellowship

Alliance partners: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington

Pursuing better, longer and richer lives for our patients is at the heart of our mission at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). Here, we believe our team approach, where our devoted advanced practice professionals, such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners, provide the best possible care for you.

While some people are familiar with these terms and team members, others may not be so clear on who exactly it is that’s helping them in their care.

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners (collectively referred to as advanced practice providers, or APPs) are integral team members who work in nearly every specialty including oncology, hematology, surgery, pain service, survivorship, palliative care, and stem cell transplant.

As a part of the multidisciplinary team, each APP works collaboratively with your doctor, nurse, and other healthcare providers, participating in all aspects of your care.

Advanced Practice Provider fellows at SCCA are PA and nurse practitioners (NP) representing the clinicians who will care for patients with cancer and blood disorders in the future. Each fellow has completed a PA or NP training program and passed their initial board certification. Through intense clinical subspecialty training at SCCA, fellows build expertise in hematology, oncology and stem cell transplant. The APP fellows at SCCA are an integral part of a patient’s multidisciplinary team, working hand-in-hand with medical and support staff to provide patient-centered care and critical insights to the patient’s treatment.


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