May 31, 2020

Alabama Society of Dermatology Professionals


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As the need for Dermatology providers continues to grow in Alabama, so does the number of PAs and NPs practicing in the specialty of Dermatology. Expanding access to dermatology care for the citizens of Alabama is the primary goal of our profession, and many dedicated Dermatology PAs and NPs have decided it is time to form a cohesive voice for our growing group.

Alabama Society of Dermatology Professionals Mission:

  • Represent Dermatology PAs and NPs in the state of Alabama by serving as a collective voice to help build, strengthen, and maintain the Physician-PA/Physician- NP relationship, as well as relationships within the entire dermatology community.
  • Encourage professional and personal development by serving as a central resource for all currently practicing Dermatology PAs and NPs, as well as PAs and NPs with an interest in the medical specialty of Dermatology.
  • Support efforts that help Alabama’s PAs and NPs improve access and quality of care in the specialty of Dermatology.