May 31, 2020

ChesMont Group of Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners


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The ChesMont NP Association was founded in 1994 to provide professional support to Nurse Practitioners living and working in Chester and Montgomery counties. It is a great opportunity for networking. The group meet monthly for an educational dinner program at the Kimberton Inn in Kimberton PA (just outside of Phoenixville).

In 2000, the group became a regional chapter of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (PCNP), taking an active role in the advancement of NP practice in the state of Pennsylvania. PCNP needs the support of every nurse practitioner in Pennsylvania to achieve continued strength and expansion of the NP role and scope of practice.

Organizationally, the group are a relaxed and fun group who gather monthly to network. There are numerous volunteers that lead different positions to organize the group successfully. As legislative and statewide responsibilities have expanded, the group look forward and are grateful for everyone’s contribution. ChesMont’s community service continues to support the St. Agnes Nurse Run Clinic in West Chester, PA.