May 31, 2020

Florida Nurse Practitioner Network


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FNPN is the first statewide network of Nurse Practitioners across all specialties and settings in this wonderful state that has the third highest population of NPs in the United States. FNPN was founded in 2002 through a vision and passion of mine to unite all the smaller “dinner and education” groups throughout the state in order to organize ourselves into something of substance so that it can support each other in affecting real change in our profession. All in all, the mission is to promote the profession in such a manner and environment that allows us to provide the very best health care possible that the citizens of this state so deserve.

We promote this goal in a five-step method, our mission:

  • First, FNPN recognize the good and the power that comes from the generous sharing of ideas and information between individual NPs and the smaller NP groups. Though meetings that travel across the state, FNPN provides this opportunity. The smaller groups throughout the state are united in “President’s Meetings” where dialogue on concerns and issues result in creative policy to move us forward.
  • Second, FNPN are aware of the role of current and excellent continuing education in being able to provide the very best of care to our patients. FNPN provides the finest and most up to the minute continuing education available, utilizing and encouraging NP speakers as an aid to our profession’s growth.
  • Third, FNPN realizes that there needs to be a central point of reference where practicing and potential NPs, patients, employers, legislators and consumers can come to regarding questions about NPs and their practice. FNPN’s website,, offers a myriad of informative pieces from practice and legislative alerts to job opportunities. Local NP groups are listed for local networking opportunities and Board Members contact information is freely posted so that your questions can be addressed.
  • Fourth, FNPN understands that in order to offer the best of care to our patients we must seek and reward excellence not only through the education of NPs and the practice that follows but again, on a higher level, through research and policy that functions to serve in a much broader way. Awards and scholarships are being developed by FNPN that clearly recognize and promote excellence in our profession. These talented and passionate people raise the bar and light the lamps guiding us all toward improving patient care.
  • Fifth, FNPN believes strongly that in order for NPs to serve their patients, policy must be enacted that reduces the unnecessary barriers that prevent us from fully serving our patient’s needs. FNPN is very proud to offer its members the best and most prestigious attorney lobbying firm available to serve our legislative needs in reducing the barriers that prevent us from offering our patients the very best that they deserve. Your donations are needed to continue this extremely important benefit.

FNPN works with other organizations as well. As a state group member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners we are able to network on a much larger level with other state NP groups. FNPN sits down and discusses problems, concerns, successes and ideas and in doing so are able to effect real change not only on a state level, but a national and sometimes international level as well. FNPN dialogues with other nurse practitioner, nursing and medical organizations as well as consumer and industrial groups in the common goal to better the health care in Florida.