May 31, 2020

Hawaii Academy of Physician Assistants


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HAPA, is an AAPA-approved and state-chartered organization. HAPA pursues legislative and lobbying efforts for the benefit of all Hawaii PAs. HAPA also supports PAs aspiring to practice in Hawaii. HAPA is working to educate the healthcare and greater community about the role and positive contributions that physician assistants add to the health care delivery system in Hawaii.

Membership is not automatic or synonymous with settling in the Islands: there are PAs who live and work in Hawaii who do not belong to HAPA, and there are other PAs who are attached to the military. Many military PAs do support HAPA through membership which is reatly appreciated. Military membership is $25 annually. HAPA welcomes new members and has reduced rates for students which is only $10 annually.

Most PAs in Hawaii have been here for some time, but a handful of new PAs arrive every year. Although Hawaii is spread out among several islands it’s still a small place, so most PAs get to meet one another sooner or later.