September 29, 2020

National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners, USA-Dallas/Fort Worth (NANNPU)

Sandi Scroggins

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The National Association of Nigerian Nurse Practitioners USA, Dallas-Fort Worth (NANNPU-DFW) is a non-profit (501c) professional organization of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) of Nigerian origin resident in the United States of America. NANNPU-DFW is a chapter of the national entity for these indigenous advanced practitioners who have acquired a minimum of a Master’s degree in their different practice specialties.

NANNPU-DFW is an affiliate of Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP) organization and recognizes TNP as the voice of all NPs in Texas. NANNPU-DFW works to bring the activities of TNP closer to these indigenous members, while also encouraging active participation and more visibility of her members within the TNP body.