May 31, 2020

Physician Assistants in Research


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Physician Assistants in Research is a special interest group representing PAs interested in and/or participating in clinical trials.

The purpose of PAR is to promote awareness of the growing need for physician assistants in research, provide educational materials, and create networking opportunities. The group offers educational training programs for physician assistants interested in becoming proficient study coordinators, sub-investigators, and principal investigators in the research community.
We will provide an arena for networking among physician assistants who are involved in clinical trial management and development. We intend to help physician assistants write grant proposals and initiate pilot studies. We would also like to consult with physician assistants to determine areas in medicine where research is needed. PAR provides education about Good Clinical Practice guidelines, investigator-sponsor relationships, and institutional review boards. We emphasize the importance of the informed consent process and the ethical treatment of research patients.