May 31, 2020

Volusia Flagler Advanced Practice Nursing Council


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The VFAPNC is an association of advanced practice nurses organized to advance, foster, encourage, promote and improve the care given to patients by Advanced Practice Nurses. The Council identifies the advanced practice role as a specialty that is essential to the delivery of high quality and cost effective health care.

The Council believes that continuing education is essential to professional growth, excellence in clinical practice and optimal patient outcomes. The provision of opportunities for continuing education is an integral activity of VFAPNC. The Council further believes in educating the community as to the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse.

The Council supports efforts to assist community organizations in the delivery of health care to the public. The Council is involved in legislative reform to ensure optimum healthcare for their community and fosters awareness of such legislation that may affect the people they serve.

The Council members serve as role models for all nurses in their community and encourage mentorship and preceptorship of advanced practice students and novice nurses within their district.


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