May 31, 2020

Wyoming Association of Physician Assistants


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The Wyoming Association of PAs (WAPA) was founded in 1975 to promote the ideals of the PA profession on both the state and national level. WAPA is a constituent chapter of the American Academy of PAs.

Wyoming is a rural state. Distance and isolation imposes different concepts and problems for the delivery of quality healthcare. WAPA works closely with the State Board of Medicine, Wyoming Medical Society, and other professional and community organizations to promote access and delivery of quality medical care.

WAPA is governed by a nine member board. Fellow members may hold offices and be appointed to a variety of committees. In addition, associate members may be elected to the board of directors and appointed to committees. Officers are elected for two-year terms. Board meetings are held at the annual CME meeting and at various other times as requested by the President. All WAPA members are welcomed to attend any of the board meetings. Please inform a board member of your interest so you can be notified of future meetings. A general membership meeting is held at the annual CME meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend!