Preceptor Training Program

Advanced Practice Provider Executives, Inc. (APPex) has partnered with the Preceptor Training Program and the American Academy for Preceptor Advancement (AAPA) to develop the Advanced Practice Preceptor Training Program.

Over the course of five (5) years, these organizations have collaborated to build an entirely evidence-based clinical preceptor training program based on the review and assessment of over 800 academic publications spanning over 40 years of research within the fields of advanced practice (PAs/NPs), medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and education. Appropriately and well-trained clinical preceptors markedly improve key aspects of practice like safety and quality, as well as positively impacting retention, satisfaction, collaboration, institutional perception, resource utilization, and organizational wayfinding & navigation. Effective instructional and learning experiences guard against turnover, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and financial loss.