May 31, 2020

Healthcare Employment Partners


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Healthcare Employment Partners has a history of recruiting in the healthcare industry in both contract and permanent roles. Now, with an broad range of affiliates, our network has become the engine that drives our Recruitment Solutions. From individual hires to large-scale projects, we offer a wide range of services to augment every stage of the recruitment life-cycle.

Different Focus, Different Results

We believe a recruitment firm should deliver more than hires. HCEP helps improve and augment your recruitment structure, and empower your team for sustained success.

Rather than focus on what you hire – the job families, industry, or geographical area – we address how you hire. By alleviating the root-level causes that prevent you from obtaining the people your business requires, we elevate your talent acquisition and drive greater value for your business.

Striving for Shared Achievement

We’re not the biggest company in the market – and we’re proud of that fact. We view it as an opportunity to develop close partnerships with our customers. As a specialized healthcare staffing firm, we have a personal approach based on transparency, honesty, and mutual benefit, and deliver solutions designed for each customer’s unique needs.

We’re not the right solution for everyone. But for businesses looking to collaborate with a strategic recruitment partner, we can drive success that you’ll see reflected across your entire organization.