May 31, 2020

Reap Healthcare Agents


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REAP Healthcare Agents has three primary locations in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Charleston, South Carolina and Southern California. However, we are affiliated with over 200 offices nationwide to provide you with the most opportunities. Each of these affiliates is dedicated to healthcare recruiting.

REAP Healthcare Agents was founded by an individual with over 16 years of healthcare marketing, management, and training experience. We understand the needs of both the healthcare professional, and the healthcare employer, and will work to provide you with the best alternatives available.

REAP uses the most advanced web technology while leveraging our national network of over 100 healthcare recruiting affiliates. This network, combined with our advanced technology, allows us to find candidates and positions that are very difficult for other recruiters and candidates to find on their own. This advantage sets us apart from the competition and allows our client’s access to positions and candidates that others simply don’t have.