May 31, 2020

Select Practice Opportunity


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Select Practice Opportunity is unlike most psychiatry recruitment firms. We understand that quality of life is a key factor is choosing where you work. Since we are dedicated to serving the mental health industry, we also make this our priority. When it comes to psychiatric employment, you do not need to look anywhere else for your next psychiatric job.

Our dedicated team ,with over 30 years of experience specializing in psychiatric job placement, knows the mental health industry. We have the contacts with major psychiatric employers, and we are dedicated on insuring you are happy with the placement and the psychiatric job.

Finding the right psychiatrist job is more that just the details of the employment position. Deciding where to live and practice is a matter of choice based on good information about a psychiatric job opportunity, the area where the position is located, the people you will work with, available schools and the other”stuff of life” that makes it fun such as recreation activities, the arts or good restaurants. That kind of information is crucial in determining where to establish your psychiatric career and more importantly, you family.

Select Practice Opportunity prides itself on helping with those choices by providing you with good information and gathering more to answer your questions. We value the relationship with our clients and candidates and strive to serve them in a way that best meets their individual needs.