May 31, 2020

Staff Antidote LLC


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Staff Antidote is a diversified healthcare recruiting/consulting firm which prides itself on tailoring services to meet the specific needs of each candidate and client. We believe that every situation, however similar they may be; has its own unique characteristics and therefore we tailor our solutions to your unique circumstances.

Our mission is to create win-win employment situations and build long-term relationships with our candidates and clients. We can also advise on offer letters, retention models, and the current landscape on compensation packages.Staff Antidote has a partnership affiliation with over 400 recruitment and placement firms that allow for a state, regional, and national scope that is unsurpassed.

Through this recruiting network, we are frequently able to expedite placement not only for healthcare professionals seeking employment but in many cases for the spouse in an alternate profession should they need assistance as well. Our success has been built on our ability to listen to our candidates and clients and respond to their needs.


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