May 31, 2020

Vericare | MedOptions


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Our approach emphasizes an interdisciplinary care model fostering both a medical/med-management, and non-pharmacologic testing and therapy sessions. The foundation of our success continues to be our world-class clinicians, decentralized local clinical leadership, accessible regional management, and support.

With the acquisition of Vericare, our companies will have a national footprint, and this scale will allow us to work more closely with payors, as well as local and national long-term care facility operators. It will also allow us to have the resources worthy of a national leader in offering and fostering the best programs (i.e. compensation, benefits, education and technology) available for all existing and new behavioral health professionals. Vericare and MedOptions management teams are currently collaborating to develop an integration plan for the two companies, with a focus on how best to continue providing extraordinary care to the patients and residents of our partnering facilities.

On behalf of all MedOptions clinicians and staff, we welcome this opportunity to build relationships with long term care facilities throughout the nation, and work together to deliver quality behavioral health services to residents.