May 31, 2020



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Vertex Staffing is your go to source for healthcare jobs and candidates. Whether you are an employer looking to fill your critical positions or a candidate seeking a position within the healthcare industry, we can help professionally and confidentially. We represent a broad spectrum of candidates with healthcare experience and have many open positions currently. Since 1999, Vertex Staffing has been a leader in healthcare staffing industry. We work nationally and have positions and candidates throughout the United States. We specialize in healthcare so we know the marketplace and know what kind of background our clients are seeking. We can get qualified resumes in front of the decision makers more quickly than the traditional approach so that candidates can make sure their resume is being reviewed and feedback will be provided.

We are committed to becoming a staffing partner with our clients to help streamline the hiring process and save valuable time and resources. We represent a large number of healthcare professionals that are ready to make a job change today. All of our applicants are prequalified and ready to start work immediately. Call us today to be connected with a Senior Staffing partner to discuss your unique situation.