While not identical, certain types of paperwork–forms, guidelines, policies, and other documents–are universally necessary for all hospitals and healthcare organizations to have in place, because they are a) required by law (e.g., federal, state), b) required by accrediting agencies (e.g., The Joint Commission), and are c) important to clearly define institutional processes or protocols, recordkeeping, etc. Organizations have different priorities depending on their history, region, patient population, areas of service, leadership initiatives, etc. As a result, some institutions have more thoroughly developed, more evidence-based, more compliant, and/or more simplified documents in particular areas of operation, while others have achieved progress and advances in completely different areas (or perhaps similar ones, through with different approaches).

Sharing these kinds of documents related to advanced practice creates incredible and invaluable opportunities among hospitals and healthcare organizations. It develops positive report between different institutions, supports networking, and offers a variety of unique approaches to review. Moreover, creating a repository of pooled document resources lightens workload by offering starting points and ideas, and reduces inefficiencies by avoiding redundancy in re-inventing new documents when good ones may already exist.

APPex, through its dedicated membership base, has collected a variety documents as they pertain to the administrative and managerial responsibilities and structures involving advanced practice. Documents are searchable by type, organization, and year. They have also been grouped and sorted by administrative topic in advanced practice (e.g., job descriptions, productivity, orientation, OPPE/FPPE, competency, etc.) providing members/readers with quick and convenient access to all shared forms, policies, and other paperwork.

APPex has identified, gathered, and shared documents to support healthcare leaders and APPs to realize expanded access, save time, reduce stress, increase cost savings, and produce higher quality materials as an end result.

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